Monday, January 30, 2012

My Friend Regret

Why do I constantly think about her
Why do I contemplate what if
She was gone before I knew it
We didn't even kiss
How does she linger
Within my heart
All I had was a ghost
Within my hands
I saw a dream
Go through my fingers
Like sand
Passing between
I cannot sleep
I cannot dream
Without her coming to me
Loving me
Embracing me
I cannot forget
I cannot let go
But I've no chance
There's no hope
So why can't I stop
Thinking about her
Why can't it end
The regret is a dance
I can't follow
I struggle with the thought
Of all that might have been
The circumstance
The hidden chance
That escaped me
Chance hates me
My heart will never mend
Until I forget
And that won't happen
So I'll have to make do
With regret
My only friend