Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oh my Queen, my Elizabeth

My queen
Highest above the world
I am yours
I remember when I served you
In the palace upon my knees
To present my being
In humility

You laid upon silk pillows
Upon a luxuriant bed
Pleasure and comfort were yours
Immune to sorrow
For you had it all

Fine wines of the greatest vintage
Perfumes of exquisite scent
Jewelry and furs decorating your body
Your beautiful eyes, your alluring cleavage

Before leaving your presence
I said thank you
And passed through the door
I was a slave, I was unworthy
I averted my gaze
I stared at the floor
So I should not permanently stain
My memory
For after seeing you
I could not see anyone else
And be moved
By their beauty
After seeing yours