Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How many dreams

Although I am weary
The world is still beautiful
Although I am wounded
I have found the truth
Woven with exquisite threads
The tapestry of existence
Has still worn through
My dreams have not died
Although they shine less
And are not my life
At your insistence
I offer proof
The truth is not found
Begging for hope
It is not found
Begging to be renewed
It is not found
In forms of emotions
Fleeting and hoary
It is found
Living the life
Before you
Hard work
Life is a journey
Not the destination
I am amazed
Every day
I am filled with grieving
With every loss
I see the sun
Through the clouds
Though black
Filled with precipitation
I feel the rain on my face
Consider it gain not cost
For every moment I spend
Is one more than I deserve
Living is proof
Loving is a gift
Of the king that I serve