Saturday, October 1, 2011

Storm Approaching, Wisdom Flees

We are blessed with life
But have become the curse
We are the first born
And mistake fortune
For being deserved
The mystery of life
Is that the last
Shall become first
There is no clarity
No focus of thought
Our sins have caused it
We have given birth
To this approaching wall
In the face of the storm
That will cleanse the earth
The ravens flee
From all that we have wrought
Flying swiftly
For they know
We will not be redeemed
Until the end is done
When victories are won
When the blood never ceases
To flow
From the bleeding
From the self inflicted wounds
Until we are undone
Bled white
Unto the end
When the unseen hand
Pulls the curtain closed
The veil opens
And flesh is rent
To be consumed
By the fires
Of eternity