Monday, October 10, 2011


Staring at my bleeding wrist
Where I just made the cut
I am thinking about the cost
Of living
And am going to drink my own blood
Eat my own skin
Chew upon my flesh
To get at the darkness within
Cutting my arms
Cutting my body
Mutilating my being
So that I can feel
Like somebody
Cutting away
What remains of this day
Losing this skin
I am stuck within
When I am finished
Maybe I will feel
When it is done
My body won't look so wrong
Cut the bits that stick out
Pull off or out what doesn't fit
Yeah I am guilty
Of all that I've done
Try me for murder
Don't acquit
Let me die in prison
Of my own life
The cutting helps me
Forgive the one
Who hurt me
Who made me
Burn so inside
I want to
Just be someone else
If I have to be alive
Cut away
All that remains
See inside my soul
If I matter at all
Nothing is left
Feeling so unwhole
Why do I bother
Why do I care
I can't climb it
The wall stands before me
And it is so high
So tall
I can't see
Forgive me
Just kill me
Let me go