Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shadow of Death

We allow hunger in a land of plenty
We create hunger to make money
We allow the innocent to die
So that we might possess
We are victims of our own greed
We are the designers of our fate
We bear the burden
Of the acts of our own hands
And the bitter fruit that grows
From our planted seeds
We chose to be the pestilence
We now live beneath
The shadow of death
We left Eden
Abandoned it
By our choices
We yearned for knowledge
We reached up for the torch
That Prometheus offered
We yearned
And that is not the same
As earned
As I walk through this broken land
I see the remains of better times
I see the work of a creators hand
And the destruction of that world
By modern apes playing with guns
By fools and idiots tossing bombs
The world is still burning
The smoke is still here
But there won't be anything
Even as the world still turns
We were offered paradise
We chose the abyss
We were offered perfection
We chose sin
Reason cannot replace reality
No matter the logic involved
Science cannot replace truth
Regardless of the motives
And problems it solves
We are given a choice
Stare at the ruins
And ignore the message
Or build over it
Atop the ground
Plowed over
Broken once
To grow
And now lays barren
And dying
By our hand