Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You have no right

Don't tell me I can't cry
Never ask me to stop
You gave up your chance
To make that demand
With will so free
When you said no
To a life with me
You now have no say in my life
No control
But you stand and beg me to not feel the pain
Of pain that is real, to not be made wet
By the rain inside my soul
I am sorry but there is nothing left
In your hand, there are no aces
And no cards up your sleeve
So don't tell me not to cry
Not to sorrow
Not to grieve
A love you abandoned
A life without tomorrow
A life with me
Not enough for you
But more than enough
For me
So don't you dare tell me not to cry
You already chose to decide
And there is nothing left
For you to say but goodbye

Say goodbye