Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hylas, Son of Heracles

Hylas, son of Heracles and a nymph
Was blessed with great beauty
Was a great warrior
Led men into battle
In triumph
But his heart lingered
In desire
And overwhelmed awe
With his heart beating
Echoing the sound
Of rhapsodic splendor
Lovers create
When their spirits hum
In unison with love
Like a hunter following spoor
Lovers sense one another
For they’ve poured
Every sense into the being
Of their other
And know
Hylas followed what his heart
Revealed in the distance
He knew there was something
Familiar yet undefined
By chance he heard whispers
A splash and heavenly giggles
He rushed to see
Nymphs playing
Stopping at once
To gaze at him
They lured him
He obeyed
And the act was sealed
Friends and family all prayed
For his safe return
But he was safely away
In the arms
Of his great desire