Thursday, June 30, 2011

Proof of what

In the absence of knowing
A scientist makes an educated guess
About the circumstance
Or event
At best
Its close
At worst it closes off all discussion
Of the reality

Were we children of the stars
Or did we grow up here
By their galaxy wars
Free from scars
Innocent, except for our own sins

The signs of the past
Could be pointing
To something more
Or might just be mistaken
For something mundane
Or the things so mundane
To the time
Are so esoteric today
We have no clue

Were we visited by beings
Superior in power
In technological strengths
If so why didn't they enslave us
Why didn't they save us
From ourselves

We don't know anything
Except what we have seen
We don't want to know
If its just a dream
But I want to escape
The world I endure
So I sleep
I sleep