Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Line in the Sand

No destiny
No legacies
No fate that beckons us
We exist here
And draw the line
Rising up there is only this
That we agree that whatever
There is before us
We embrace it
For there is no turning back
No regression
No living in the past
Or longing for a different path
We have only each other
And your voice allows me
To find courage
To rise after I fall
You are my hope
There is only now
There is only you
There is only this call
I am yours without reservation
You own my soul
Pierce my being
Through my ear
Bring the awl
Punch it through
Let me be redeemed
Heaven awaits
I hope it is waiting
But for now
We have only this
Existence is proof
I need your help
I promise my hope
I refuse to fail
Because I am the author
Of my own life
There is no fate
Only to serve your will
Yours alone
Velle est posse