Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Decayed flesh and DNA

The moment of birth
Just the beginning
Life is decay
Filled with sorrow
There is only dust here
But for this flesh of clay
The twisting
Of our words
Of our flesh as it hangs
Upon the tree
The wind blows us
From side to side
Nothing to grieve
Nothing left to say
But that our lives
Were not meant to be this way
Not meant to end this way
We all must die
But we should live
Rather than erode
With this decay
Let others spin
In the abyss
Let them sort out
My decay
Let them fall through
The bottom floor
Rooted in my failure
Added to the pile
Every living day
Let them drown in the
Spirals of my DNA
I would rather resist
And exist
Without this betrayal
That ends this life