Friday, March 5, 2010

Terminal Evidence Of Life

We fall down, crying
Remembering our lives
Seeing them dying
Who are we to think
We are anything more
Than the dust that blows
Through the final door

Every death is a moment of time
We forget who we are, as the clock unwinds
We see ourselves as fading
We dream of our past
And the dead live inside us
As we forget to live
This world begs our favor
But we relinquish that fate
Our destiny too foreboding
Our dreams we savor
Our greed insatiate
We fear our lives will fade
Disappear, stop
Quicker than they took to create

We are the living
Though we rarely live but exist
We are the present
But the echoes of the past persist
We are the future
God help me to see
Life is more than insisting
Or resisting our fate
It is a jubilee