Saturday, March 13, 2010

Return to the Mountains of Madness

There was nothing that could have stopped them
They were not of this world
We were sent to discover things
Not to die as meat or sacrifice
Their voices will haunt me
The rest of my existence
More than the cold or ice
I am frozen inside
Their voices were unintelligible
Their screams were inhuman
And there is only death and horror
Remaining, my memories remain
The horror relives again
In the cold there was no comfort
The voyage long and soaked in rain
But I returned to Arkham
Fighting to remain sane

Poem by William Dyer


Following the paper submitted by William Dyer, professor of Miskatonic University’s disastrous Pabodie Expedition to Antarctica in 1930–31, numerous attempts have been made to ascertain the depth of veracity in the paper. Unquestionably there is something that happened, but what exactly we are uncertain. So it is with some excitement and hope, that we announce that we intend to send a new expedition, armed well, and with the most modern of equipment...