Monday, March 22, 2010

Sometimes in despair I worry

Forget what is unpleasant
Ignore what bothers you
Don’t think about the madness
That has accompanied our fall
But the murder of a few
here and there
cannot be ignored
The ravens see it all
Even if our mind’s won’t deplore
They remember
They remember
Some people ignore this world
Try to exist some way
Some still hear a call
Some still wear the veil
Waiting for the groom to come
Even though we fail
In despair I worry that
Jesus won’t come back
seeing all we’ve done
There’s no hope for us
We’re worse than when we’d begun
Why bother to try when
there is so much that can’t be cleaned
And the one who can by his blood
just won’t
We cannot go back
The ashes of the ovens of humanity
Pouring out of smoke that kills
We stopped wondering
We just die and we choke