Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I have received the warnings and ignored them
I have no worries
For the cost of life has left me numb
My flesh decays as time betrays every single thing I am
My body is preparing to die and it has been
Since the first moment I opened my eyes
My first breath turned over the hourglass
Time was set into motion
My one tear drop of water
Entered the ocean
Life is extinguished
The obituary reads plainly
Not giving a reason why
For now I am alive
And soon I will be dead
There is no applause
The drama is finished
And I exit
Knowing I have changed nothing
But I was there
When the world was alive
And now I am gone
But nothing is wrong
I am the victim of time
Of the hourglass running empty
And I do not intend upon surviving
Human life is a moment
Eternity is timeless
I offer no apology
I do not ask to say one last goodbye
I am ready
Everyone is
Without knowing