Saturday, July 22, 2017

A certain mystique

I have never seen such a person
With beauty in her frame
Her heartbeat echoes in my ears
And pulses in my chest
Burning like flames

She is electric and so unique
Possessing a spirit
I can feel from miles away
I become lost in her mystique

When she draws near
I'm beyond consolation
I fail to say what I think
Or even what I feel
I am profoundly weak
The closer she approaches

Love isn't something I control
It burns inside me, taking a toll
Obeying no boundaries or barriers I have no defense
No way of stopping the dreams in my mind
Or the fire in my heart

Passion builds
Thoughts escape
I am frozen in place
The moment I catch her scent
I feel the fear reaching up
Her eyes cut through my flesh
My heart is bare to her sight
And I can't fight
I can't hide

I confess
This passion burns
Crawls into my throat, setting my soul afire
And nothing will fight the flame
My thoughts are wild
My body screams as I finally whisper her name

I know just one thing
She makes my soul sing
Alive with hope despite my fears
I could spend the rest of my life
Just listening
But sooner or laterI will arrive at despair
And the words will fall
From my mouth