Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Murmansk Run

The lifeline had to be extended
The Soviet people were wounded
Supplies to fight their own battles
Had to be sent
And to do that
Men had to travel through a frozen sea
During the summer sun
Of perpetual sunlight
Where the sun silhouetted their ships
So that Nazi U-Boats
Could lay in wait
And fire

Tons and tons of war goods
Allowed the Soviets to survive
But the cost was enormous
The frozen waters
Caused men to be die
Frozen in moments
When their ships would be sunk
And Luftwaffe planes
Filled the skies

No more than a minute in the waters
Could lead to death
Ships had to stay together
For when they were dispersed
They became lost
And the lifelines severed

The cold and sinister machinations
Of those who were bent to kill them
All led to tragedy
Upon the horizons
Of the frozen waters
Men bobbed like ice cubes
Covered in oil
And dead
To keep the Soviets in the war
Until their own system could recover
And pay back the Nazis
With vengeance
That was colder
Than the Arctic