Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Dead or alive we exist
We are the hive
Every day of life we wonder
What is truth, what is falsehood
But there are things we know
Without thought, or detail
Yet there are some
Who commit the worst crimes
Against humanity
And never worry
Let alone wonder
How they've added to the list
Of the worst things done
Over time
Murder murder
The bodies are stacked
However ill defined

Franz Stangl

-- Cargo. They were cargo. I think it started the day I first saw the Totenlager in Treblinka. I remember Wirth standing there, next to the pits full of blue-black corpses. It had nothing to do with humanity-it couldn't have; it was a mass-a mass of rotting flesh. Wirth said, 'What shall we do with this garbage?' I think unconsciously that started me thinking of them as cargo.--