Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Never Grieve the Flesh

I longed to hold her hand again
To tell her what she meant to me
But an angel interceded
And said
Never grieve the flesh that has passed
Grieve the love that was lost
Grieve the knowledge found
Grieve the memories cast aside
But not the flesh
For it will never last
Only the spirit is free
Only the spirit is eternal
And it will never die
Grieve a little
Even cry
But the spirit is free
And now it will fly
The flesh is a moment
The spirit is forever
So take my hand and try
To never grieve again

Photo Source

Adams Memorial
modeled 1886-1891, cast 1969
Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Born: Dublin, Ireland 1848
Died: Cornish, New Hampshire 1907
Roman Bronze Works (Founder)
69 7/8 x 39 7/8 x 44 1/2 in. (177.4 x 101.4 x 112.9 cm.)
Smithsonian American Art Museum
Museum purchase
Smithsonian American Art Museum