Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Green

I used to believe that the earth was the answer
To the question: what is right and perfect
That humanity was a disease worse than cancer
Burning and destroying everything
And I sorrowed our actions
The beast of man, of humans
Our choices and our decay
But now I know
The earth is perfect
Not because of its own design
But because it was made
The trees sway like dancers
The birds and the animal calls are the cantors
In a church for just one
Who is truly perfect
The one without flaw
And who is self aware, and self created
Oh, so perfect, The creator

I am sorry for my friends who are left of center politically, to my friend pagans, and atheists, I realize they'll think that I am purposefully insulting their beliefs.  But I am simply saying, I was worshiping the created, rather than the creator, something called idolatry, and I think that in doing that, I was wrong.   This is my public apology to my God for missing the point.   I always heard in the thunder the voice of God, I found rapture in the glory in nature, yet I thought wow nature is great, instead thinking, God is speaking to me through nature.

Since the cancer I face might take me from this earth, I wanted to right my wrong.   I have many but this is one I need to fix.