Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Like the clowns at a circus
Making us laugh and cry
The questions entertain us
Make us wonder why
But to ask a question
I wonder the purpose
Or the answer is thrown
Like dust to the wind
We do nothing
While we watch
The world is a carcass
Vivisected into pieces
Waiting to be examined
For some God written thesis
Why are we here
Why do we live
Why do we die
The logic is specious
But worse is this idea
That we can ever know
That the world can ever show
A reason to exist
Beyond the absurd
Splatters of paint and smoke
Ideas and words
Laughed at by the crows
We can't figure it out
In the meantime we are watched
By the ravens and the crows
They laugh at us
Just birds 
Because they go on
Like we should
Because we don't know