Monday, December 19, 2011

If You Told Me

This life I lead
Is killing me
Living in a hotel
Meant for migrants
Barely breathing
Only bleeding
You know I've been living
Someplace away from you
So we don't communicate
Like we'd like to do
I miss you
And hate this place
This freedom isn't free
It is a jail, and a chain
Holding me away
So if you said that you loved me
I'd be very overwhelmed
Flattered and moved
There is nothing I can do
There is a story I could tell
Of a love that was broken
Of a man compelled to fail, over and over
Like some token sad tale
But I appreciate your kindness
Thank you for caring
If you said that you loved me
Thank you for daring
Taking that risk
But I am a mess
I have nothing to offer
I'll have that drink now
The bottle is nearly empty, like my heart
Thanks but I don't want pity
These aren't tears
Don't you know, they are holy water
Cleansing my empty, vacant soul