Monday, August 10, 2009

God Only Knows

God only knows what you believe, God only knows
God only knows what you do, God only knows
But you think that you do too
Not matter how you deceive
Your lies again are nothing special
Nothing new to you
Nothing different, so don’t you grieve
It doesn’t matter if its true
You said you believed in her
When it so otherwise the case
You said that you loved her
And you said it to her face
God only knows, God only knows
How can you justify what you do
How can you be without a clue
You have to be the one who lives your life
I’d never tell you to be someone else
But do you realize just what you are
You destroy everything but yourself
You consume everyone else’s mental health
I walk through life wounded and bloody
You get off without a scratch
But I don’t envy you
Or the things you do