Sunday, April 19, 2009


I fear that
Whatever I do
My suffering will be in vain
Nothing can last,
Some things die slowly, not fast
Dancing to a beat
A drumbeat for the dead
Her love lacked passion
If that is what you’d call it
I was alone,waiting in the solitude
Begging for death
Or some small measure
Of satisfaction
Her perfumes fill the air
And her beauty is a distraction
From all my pain due to her
My mind is broken,
My spirit crushed
I have nothing left,
Had so very little to start
She tore apart my heart
I never had a chance
Nothing I do could last
Nothing I do could matter
For to her I was a child
Needing direction
Rather than a lover
Needing compassion
Swiftly falling bitter tears
Cannot wash the years
From memory
Nor replace action
Or attraction
She treated me as a stranger
Showed me not love but anger
Nothing I said mattered
Everything I did scattered
To the winds
Years of pain
Seeds of sorrow
Broken love
Not together
No tomorrow
Not ever
The ties she severed
Leaving me adrift
With no hope
Devastated, bereft
Left behind alone
Broken spirit
Heart cleft
Cut in half
By her
Never going to trust
Anyone again
Never going to love
Anyone again
The fear will remain
Love turned to dust
For I gave my heart
For I gave my soul
To her
To keep
And she took them
And left
Left me to die
My tears forever fall
Pour down across my chest
These tears that I cry
Stain the ground
For they are acid
From the bitterness
Of the pain in my heart