Monday, May 16, 2022

Our Greatest Triumph?

Robert Oppenheimer, Enrico Fermi and their friends
Had developed a weapon for their leader and his men
With a kind of weapon that wouldn't have an equal
The ultimate and final harvest would at last be full
There in the fields of eternity, full with the fruits
Forests clear cut, burned, removed at their root
Life, dream, memory and purpose to be taken
In humanity's triumph, we will be forsaken
And just know,  that for no other reason
Than that our species commits treason
To itself and the world surrounding
With no other purpose than killing
For a vile pleasure in taking life
To desecrate all sacred ground

If the radiance of a thousand suns were to
burst at once into the sky that would be
like the splendor of the mighty one.
I am become Death, the
shatterer of worlds.

J. Robert Oppenheimer
& The Bhagavad Gita

Shattered View

War turned all hopes shallow, emptied dreams turned fallow
When did we ever worry about the violence inflicted on earth
Staring into the empty world, outside of my broken window
The world now is decayed, bone dry dust, skeletons and worse
Aware that all has been lost, humanity has passed into shadow
How did I survive, was I lucky, or had I suffered a grave curse
Life bled out, in war, and every great city is now nuclear aglow
We've no hope, nothing left, but a dying dry bone thirst

Through The Prism

When what you think you want is what you need, isn't
You'll live for the moment, but see life through a prism
Nothing left inside, you're not shocked to be in prison
As others take from you, to steal your soul and dreams
Leaving nothing behind, but sorrow and the schemes
Wanting revenge, a way to fight back, you can't believe
So surrender to the quiet, pray it all goes silent
The world outside shatters the calm, but doesn't matter
Forgiveness frees you, not the one who will receive

Sunday, May 15, 2022

To Sleep upon the Snow's White Field

Asleep in deep repose, in the glory of your fine bed
No more energy to spend, so you'll now slumber instead
I heard you breathe, soft, and unsteadily, the sound
Watched you dream serenely, upon a snow white ground
The great queen of the morning, the princess of every night
That heart beating proudly, your being composed of light

Oceans of Time

The final act is like that of the beginning
We fight alone as order decays into chaos,
My flesh cursed by pain, I am at a loss
My life trapped by fate, as if an albatross
All horizons are distant from my reach
And entropy causes us to beg oblivion
If our existence wanes, is ever fleeting
As we discover the blood meridian
Without understanding, sorrows linger
Defined by the fears of the unknown
Our world shakes, and creates martyrs
When time is ripped away we watch
Even as we alone struggle
We know, we can never atone
And we shake our fists towards the sky
Screaming against our small lives
Limited in moments, so lost in torment
Seconds pass into the oceans of time

Beauty and Danger

There in the lilies was great beauty
But in the waters nearby, lethal danger
As with the rest of our existence
One must think through
All of the consequences
Of learning the truth
If it appears pleasing
It surely has cost
It might help you endure
It might allow you to thrive
If someone is amusing
They may hide grieving
If something is desirous
Within the acquisition
I must realize there is a reason
That it too must survive
Every life form has needs
If I desire another someone
If I desire to possess something
I need to remember
Everything has needs
And beauty has dreams
But they are dreams
That might not include me

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Before the Monster of State

Does the state serve the people, or are we meant to serve the state
Is there justice, or is that for the wealthy and well represented?
If a police state exists, are we safe, or just tolerated by authorities
If citizens are pawns in a game of power, they'll lose the game
If forced to serve against our will, the leaders lead in shame
It has long since been time to resist, even if it ends in failure
We cannot hope to still persist, we come before the impaler
Our freedom will fade, all lives lost, as we writhe in pain

Fighting For a Future

We don't know it but we're part of an enormous army
We walk the path of the living, then that of the dead
Marching with time as the master, a difficult journey
As the world moves regardless of time, it spins instead
The human flesh is weak and we've this one chance
Life is complex, even if our dreams are simple, short
The choices we make allow our future circumstance
Every journey ends with death, we'll be transformed
We are soldiers, fighting our own fears, for a future
And this is the life we have, whatever the difficulty
Nothing is certain, nothing is guaranteed, but dying
And having one life to live until we are finally free
The bondage of flesh will end, we will be redeemed

Twist in the Wind

In every circumstance I've made certain to piss away my hope
All the weasels crowd me, dance in victory, hand me my rope
Here take the noose, and some more, put it around your throat
There I'll twist in the wind, remembering my sins, and I choke

Friday, May 13, 2022

Arthur, At Last Returns

We will rise early that day, for we've waited for years
Promised for so much, but time has given only tears
We've once received the righteous king, but need more
This day, this ordinary day will see a legend restored
The king of Albion, one bearing the sword Excalibur
As the master of the high king's domain, King Arthur
His blood will be of the dragon, his people given new life
He will restore the land, and the kingdom of Heaven
With no more death, no more sorrow nor strife
He'll rise again, be crowned with a great procession

Arthur, Our King

Seer Merlyn foretold the arrival, as a prophecy
Merlyn was born to bring forth and serve the king
He was a spirit of the land and of the dragon
And repeatedly, in time came the perfect storm
Each era had grave needs and destiny
The Pendragons arrival fulfilled the void
A union of blood, time and legacy
Of leaders chosen and moments fated
As each seed, in spirit form, waited
A child filled of a dragon's spirit
Each was to be made ready
As he merged with human flesh
In spirit form, awakened
The great line of kings began
The hearts beat dragon's blood within
Would they be worthy, perhaps...
While human, with flaws, they had a bearing
Marking them as unique, magnificent
King Arthur as a younger man was rash
In his youth he still had that temper
But he grew into his role, a man of caring
He served well, became the land's defender
He knew he was Uther Pendragon's son
The greatest warrior to bear the sword
Arthur knew he had to be more
If warrior blood was fire
The need for a king was greater
And the restoration had begun
A merging of warrior and leader
Reigning with honor and perfect justice
Arthur was a righteous man
Who will return to save us
Someday, if not soon


What is life meant to be
I asked will I ever be free
From all those foolish fears
And the things that sorrow me
I was on a path, my vision clear
But my sight was clouded
My life filled with tears
For this life has been a disease
One which I've no hope for a cure
As this world beckons and calls
With every failure, every flaw
Desiring to narrate my fall
And the cold pit and mire, deepens
Aware my flaws that cheapen
Every dream and hope I have
I've become enslaved to pleasure
Of the flesh, unto my death
I am the living flaw beyond measure
Nothing I can do will free me
My soul would do well to flee me
Give me another chance, I'll fail
My soul is made free by the nails
Led my savior to suffer and bleed
His was the sacrifice I need
To escape this fragile flesh
And take my final breath
I have victory, won for me
A freedom from my needs
For eternity, at last I can finally see
The chains that imprison me
Have been broken
I surrender, all that I am
I give all I have, to have nothing
To see all of eternity before me

“An unbelieved truth can hurt a man much more than
a lie. It takes great courage to back truth unacceptable
to our times. There's a punishment for it, and it's
usually crucifixion."                        John Steinbeck

Thursday, May 12, 2022

A Knight bows Before Majesty

In the presence of majesty
My knees will then bow
In the presence of tragedy
Moved with grace and awe
For this world is one
Not in our minds, or hearts
In the world to come
Nothing is revealed in fate
We have nothing
But love and hate
From two choices I decide
How to live my only life
With honor and kindness
Certitude and faith

Smiling through the smoke

My life has been eternal darkness, and a cold rain
Loving you has been walking upon broken glass
My good memories sucked out by vacuum and drain
You've sought to turn my dreamland into wastelands
With my flesh cut to ribbons and scars that will last
With nothing inside worth keeping, not even secrets
You've taken my heart but I know you'll reject me
Stealing my dreams, spreading anthrax to infect me
Awaken me now, I stare into the void and realize
This entire time you've mocked me for my honesty
But I see, you've always been wearing a disguise
You are there, smiling through the smoke, rising
As a fire of my life burns, smoke stinging my eyes

"Was the earth put here just to nourish
human loneliness?” Haruki Murakami


Told there's only darkness or there's only light
Whatever we know to be true, remains absurd
A spirit keeps you alive but lets you die within
A black cat walks in the ink darkness of night
A singer who has a voice that cannot be heard
When branch-less trees still bend against wind
If a blind man sees more than a man with sight
Or a poet who can't understand written words
Our world is madness, order decays into chaos
Be one who seeks to love, whatever the cost
Nothing makes sense, stop worrying about it
In this existence, we exist, so have no doubt
All of our life has to be lived in order to know
And then, only by living does wisdom grow

"The absurd is born of this confrontation between the
human need and the unreasonable silence of the world.”

Albert Camus  --- The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Sir Pellias, The Swan Knight

Sir Pellias famously served King Arthur
The symbol he bore was of a white swan
His nature noted as being quite gentle
Which is a strange trait for a warrior
His kindness was a gift he passed on
Arthur's knights were men of legend
Despite the violence, Pellias was kind
Exemplifying chivalry in the best way
Pellias was gifted, in his heart and mind
He bore his weapons with great reserve
His armor protected a beautiful being
He acted kindly, by both aim and design
Son of a poor man, a man of honor
His way honorable, a gentle knight
His heart is well remembered over time

Resolutions and Answers

Just ask if we're able to understand this puzzle before us
Will there ever be an answer, with information available
What lives will then die, as eternity beckons with justice
The final act's veil pulled back, drama ends, inescapable
The answers do exist, the questions will surely be solved
Over time all dreams fade, with every hunger resolved
Every moment has a purpose and this journey will end
You've one life to prove your worth as the message sent

“One of the first signs of the beginning of understanding is the
wish to die. This life appears unbearable, another unattainable.
One is no longer ashamed of wanting to die; one asks to be
moved from the old cell, which one hates, to a new one, which
one will only in time come to hate."                    Franz Kafka

Dust or Roses

Your love raised me from the dead
Gave me hope and dreams instead
Earth has a rhythm and it is perfect
Like songs as the motions intersect
Between blue skies and earth below
My heart, like a fire, eternally glows
It is your lips, and your fluid grace
You're in my arms, and sweet taste
You're certainly beautiful, I promise
Yes I surely know, I'm no Adonis
You inspire more than lust in me
What it is I can't say, an intrigue
A mystery wrapped up in the magic
When I see you, my heart does panic
Thoughts of you, will drive me mad
Forgive me please, I know I'm bad
But without you, I have only dust
And sorrow, the lust and mistrust
I am made of meat, with a spark
My soul was completely empty
And then you filled my heart
I've so much more than nothing
Than I'd have had, without the start
When you said that yes to me
This love affair has so burned
For nearly a third of a century

Dedicated to my wife Beth,
My heart's own love 
Married since June 11, 1988

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The Flesh is Weak, But I Resist

I cast my stone into the eye of the storm
Before it strikes, ever circling, swallowing
There's nothing I can do, why even fight
The frozen winds scream, but I'm warm
Only one heart is beating, sorrowing
Flesh is weak, chance of survival slight
I resist because I refuse to accept lies
And in the end, that is all that matters
When we wear masks as our disguise
As every hope and dream shatters
I will persist, I will resist to the end
What matters the form of reason
In a world when we are treason

"The sanest and most logical choice lay
always in resistance.” Michael Moorcock


I've played the scenes over and over again
A cycle repeats, without end or beginning
The memories burned in the data process
And with every second a chance remains
The sorrows and anger always imprinting
My life madness, a mental game of chess
Time after time, it goes on, can't be erased

“Even when lightning flashes inside the clouds, we say they
only clouds and turn our attention to the next meal, next
pain, next
breath, the next page. This is how we go on.”

                                                                 Sidney Sheldon







The Allies and The Bear

Americans like to believe a falsehood
Better perhaps to call it a fable
They alone had defeated the Axis
Flying high we were the Eagle
In truth it was only by help of the many
And most important the Russian Bear
Because it makes the drama less good
The British are forgotten by US history
Because a narrative needs two sides
The Nazis didn't fear the Americans
The Japanese did learn to fear them
Not quickly enough for some men
It takes a few lunatics to start a war
But the world pays for the lesson
It takes many to win a just war
War is rarely a righteous act
If it is so, it results in death and scars
The Americans were vital
But won only with the UK
The Commonwealth, France and Canada
As well as the people of the Soviet Union
All shedding their blood
To save others, and save the planet
From Racial Nationalists
From Militarists who hate
The world was divided after
And many alliances were lost
Friendships are missed
It requires a United Nations
But America often forgets that
Lost in the rain of victory

Monday, May 9, 2022

Refuse the Legacy

My heart breaks knowing our children will live in the devil's lair
Because when we fail them by allowing the nuclear nightmare
They'll fight our wars, created by these ideological idiots
And condemn each generation thereafter for our hubris
Brave for the sake of our very small minds and pride
Calling for the extinction of our species, a suicide
And the earth will recover, never remembering
We wounded it but we never surrendered
The earth will live on, but we will not
Made ourselves into false Gods
For us, there will be no return
This scorn is entirely earned
For we've caused extinction
The banner of crimson
We have slain our own
And now we are alone
Forever more

“The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything except our thinking. Thus, we are drifting toward catastrophe beyond conception. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.” Albert Einstein

Red Victory

In the greatest contest of human kind, two titans fought
One side was portrayed as darkly villainous, and evil
The other shown as bestial, violent, and powerful
The Soviet Union was a machine that had been wrought
And woven with steel, bullets, and the blood of labor
The Nazis marched into the Soviet Union's land
While attempting to kick down the door
Damaged, still able to fight, refused to fall back
The Red Army stood ready to remove all doubts
Finding Victory upon the day, May 9th 1945
Ни шагу назад!

The Celebration

The blood of patriots was spilled to take back the land
Red Star rose ascendant, against the Black Cross's hand
May 9th 1945, the Soviet state celebrated, a new nation
The Black Cross was destroyed, entered damnation


Sunday, May 8, 2022


I never stopped loving you but those wounds have healed
My heart wanted to stop beating but I couldn't stop living
I haven't a bit of wisdom to share, these lips are sealed
Can't love you again, but if you need it, you're forgiven
And now we can both walk away, as if we are strangers
Never again to be on the others mind, but life continues
We might've written a romance novel of so many pages
Instead, we chose to part forever, finding someone new
Farewell, I wish you well and all things good and true

“I think about you. But I don't say it anymore.”
Marguerite Duras       Hiroshima Mon Amour

The Day After Oblivion Ended

Defending the Reich were the home guard
A force of old men, disabled veterans and boys
And Waffen SS remnants of foreign volunteers
Men who once they'd taken the side of Germany
Were seen as traitors, couldn't go home again
The battle for Berlin was long, crushing, violent, bestial
By the end most of the defenders of the city were dead
The few citizens remaining would've fled if they could
Because Berlin by now was defeated, occupied, dying
By a Soviet army composed of workers and peasants
Who upon victory lifted high the banner of red
Nothing remained but the dead, in the ruins of a city
It had become a boneyard, or a tomb
There was now quiet, after years war, final battle
Europeans had lived in a state of pure Oblivion
But a change came with Red victory, resolution
Now'd come a peace, and armistice declarations
Nazi Germany had been an aggressive nation
Having made war upon perceived enemies
They found their enemies everywhere
Both inside and outside the state
Systematically murdering other people
Eugenics and race became the science of hate
Oblivion would indeed end, soon
But there would be retaliations
The consequences of war led to changes
Maps redrawn, Nazi leaders executed
Now the entire world realized
They'd been eyewitness to doom


27,000 Days Ago

Give or take a few days, oblivion ended in Europe
The greatest threat to world peace had been ended
Red Army units broke through to Berlin, Germany
American, French and British Empire units drove
Into those realms shattered by the Nazi occupation
This is so very long ago, why keep speaking of it?
We should remember, the Holocaust, damnation
The people killed for their race, forced starvation
So remember the end, remember what it required
Let us honor the dead
Let us lift their bodies upon the pyres

Saturday, May 7, 2022

If Love Conquers All, Why are we alone?

Does love does conquer all, if so, why does it also hurt
Are we born alone to be compelled to find our lover
Are we meant to fail, broken inside, as if cursed
To be alone or incomplete without another
Even if flawed, we burn with a purpose
Completion, our soul accepted
Our beings connected

On this Day, The French Arose

May 7, 1429 C.E. The siege of Orleans was finally broken
By Joan of Arc and the French army, an act that gave hope
For years the English had tried to impose its will, and rule
But the English did not understand, Joan of Arc was chosen
The visions she had, allowed the French to reach forward
Soon casting off English chains, from occupation so cruel

Hopes Lost

Another chance lost
Another life ignored
If I close my eyes
Will it all be gone?
A lightning bolt striking the chest
Burning everything to the core
Chances too long
No one survives the test
If there is nothing left
What does it matter
If there is no love
If lives shatter
My life is a mirror
Too dark to reflect
My life too vile
For disease to infect
One must live before dying
But what if it beggars trying
What does it matter
It doesn't at all
I keep seeing ghosts
That everything I know
Will die soon
That there is only doom
If all my dreams scatter
To the wind
Again and again still

Friday, May 6, 2022

Alfred the Great's Finest Hour

AD 878, May 6 the Battle of Edington
Alfred the Great and a West Saxon army
Defeated a gathering of armed men
The Viking army of Guthrum the Old
This event changed the future path of power
A first step in the removal of the Vikings
Announcing Alfred's greatest hour

The Dust of Collapse, Mingled with Tears of Joy

Anxiety makes me twist, rejecting invitations of fate
As death angel Azrael offers his kiss, eternity's taste
The words of hope choke in my throat, with the dust
Of my world's collapse, and the temptations of trust
Dare I hold upon the thought, that we might survive
And our love flourish, a world of lavish colors alive?
The dancers in the clouds of smoke are celebrating
Do they possess hope, so powerful and devastating
Are they tearing at their chest, all hope now shorn
In this moment are we mourning the recent dead
Or are we hearing the cries of the newly born

Hindenburg Explosion

Cast in a different time and set of circumstances
Than of May 6th, 1937, 7:25 p.m.Lakehurst, NJ
One might find reason to be optimistic, try again
But with this event there'd be zero chance of that
The dramatic fire and explosion of the Hindenburg
No one would ever trust such lighter than air craft
The disaster quickly closed every mind
Few could ignore the burning memory they had
The horrible deaths, and the sounds of horror
Visceral memories of the witnesses decided
That airships would never again be considered
Each person possessed a vision of the spectacle
Remembering the commentary of the witness
How different the world might have been
Lighter than air crafts crossing the skies
And people being safe and asleep overhead
As freight moved, quietly, and slowly

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Freedom 7

On May 5, 1961 America had entered space
Looking down upon the American nation
For the first time, we held our breath within
Alan Shepard Jr. in the Freedom 7 ship
Orbited, if only briefly, to stake a claim
America was going to land on the Moon
If not immediately, someday soon

One Last Shot

Imagine that the end is coming
You've died for no good reason
Minutes passing, in the madness
Moments before that final shot
You died as a defender of a city
Where you grew up, your home
But even as Berlin was damned
Whatever the effort, it would fall
Whatever heroes or madmen
Attacking by oncoming waves
Of Soviet Army battle groups
Imagine the insanity and pain
Dying without having beliefs
Or you were a true believer
But by the end of the war
Those were few in number
Maybe you were drafted
Being compelled to fight
But already broken
A war damaged man
A First World War
80 year old veteran
A grandfather, a kind man
Or you're a 15 year old youth
Not an adult or able to vote
No politics or understanding
Only a blush of life and then
Dead without knowing, why
Why did you die?


The aura about you, ecstasy and fulfilled delight
The scent you bear, of jasmine and starry nights
You call unto my soul, and I am transfixed here
As I wait upon you, your message sent so clear
Ambrosia, fair Elysium, Heaven and Paradise
You couldn't be more beautiful, my heart cries
I know I've found my way, my path is found
Wherever you walk, is the most holy ground
I love you, my dear, I need you for eternity
This world will pass, I mean this earnestly
All I want is you, I've nothing greater to say
My aim and heart are true, I wait for the day
That you are in my arms and safe from harm


Wednesday, May 4, 2022

This suffering world

If we focus narrowly, upon our being
While we forget all others
How they suffer too much
We become immune to empathy
And we begin to refuse to trust
In time we'll bear a heavy burden
Not again to rise nor find purpose
If each heart is equal, deserving love
How can I hold back kindness
If we deserve a world fair
How do we let others fall
We can rise above
Hear me, we are family
Born to know each other
And I refuse to let you fail
I refuse to ignore your plight
I refuse to believe no one cares
Why should the wicked prosper
Why do the orphans not have enough
I surrender, oh I am broken
And I give in to exhaustion
Raise my hand and ask
I'm tired God, so tired
I need to move on
To the next phase of my life
Let my spirit ascend
Let my flesh turn to dust

Before the Spirit Flees, Take Me

I'm a failure, a fool and a liar
Within me a traitor to the core
By chains I'm tied to my flesh
With my own tortures I abhor
By my actions flesh is made slave
Some believe I am mighty
In spirit and in my flesh
But I'm a weak man
A fool, yes, and cruel
I've addiction to desire
I long to be adored
By my idolatry I suffer
I've made myself a whore
Not to chemicals or to greed
But my heart must be reformed
By thoughts and idolatry I break
I am waiting to be freed
I know alone I can't escape
My redemption will come
With a cost I cannot pay
By my own works I can't be saved
My flesh is broken, I am weak
I need forgiveness, to be restored
And all of my sins linger still
Until, the prophecies are fulfilled
Leading one to give a sacrifice
His blood shed for my sins
But even now I know
My flesh longs to stray
Lord please take me now
And let your spirit remain

1970 Kent State, May 4

May 1970, the Vietnam war was deeply unpopular
Protesters and activists gathered at Kent State
They demonstrated against the war
The National Guardsmen were called out
Shots fired in the haze of panic
National Guardsmen killed four, wounded 9 more
The debacle soon led public opinion to shift away
From support of a war, in far away Southeast Asia
Horror at home, protest of a continued state of war
Kent State's killings led the country to a realization
Unjust war destroys the state of a nation

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Artificial Intelligence versus Human Intelligence

On the third of May 1997 an event happened
This was a portent of disaster, a true revelation
Russian Grandmaster Champion Garry Kasparov
Entered in a chess match vs IBM's AI Deep Blue
Many were then shocked by the result on May 11
As Kasparov was defeated, in Philadelphia PA
Artificial Intelligence has only deepened since
A.I. will become our master in the end
The potential of danger we need to understand
We need to know how our brain might prevail
Only by understanding the human brain
Will we change destiny's course