Tuesday, December 6, 2022

A Burning World

In a burning world, this gray flesh begins to char
In this changing planet, all love becomes scarred
If condemned to die unloved, it'll break my heart
The world afire, our collapse is near, who are we
To think that we've come this far but lost reality
We are the fallen, unchosen, and forever broken
And whatever we choose to do, it is not enough
For all our flesh and concrete will turn to dust

Die Last

As the world rewrites their history, ignoring the legacies
People of the world become ignorant and complicit liars
We lose sight of the guiding principles and any morality
Why do we want an emptied inheritance, emptied lives?
Choosing entropy and carnality, over labor and empathy
Taking a path of least resistance as we experience agony
Of living in a world of crisis, and the divide and collapse
We all die, but few really live and the survivors die last

Monday, December 5, 2022

Children of Pestilence

We are all the children of pestilence, of hunger, of war, and death
Our planet provides us with sustenance, healthy existence, more
Our legacy a result of ancestral survivors, passed over by plagues
The DNA a confluence of beings gathered after great catastrophe
A single race, a species of diverse cultures, and regions of origin
One people, with a myriad of thought, faith, curiosity and dreams

“I was born upon thy bank, river,
My blood flows in thy stream,
And thou meanderest forever
At the bottom of my dream.”

                                  Henry David Thoreau

The Cost of Modern Existence

We hear it screaming our name to our DNA and our blood
In different time, a different era, I might have been beloved
The modernity of life cutting away, stealing hope from me
We're called to life as an organic, flawed being, a machine
Nothing will rescue us from misery or the coming flood
Not fear, nor nightmare, but we're frozen before the judge

Sunday, December 4, 2022


Watching the winds of a storm, that can bring down walls
But they won't if they're built carefully and aim to stand
They must remain upright and ready to answer the call
Even if we're unable to perceive all dangers and threat
We must be prepared to fight, being aware and vigilant
The world might want our failure or hunger for our fall
But if we've honor, we must rise, defend the innocent
Let us raise the banner, upon the wall we'll take our place
Ready for the worst attacks, fire's smoke we'll taste
And fight for all we stand for, all we love, all we adore

The Vintage

If life has boundaries, know they aren't enforced
We'll often think that the truth is possible to find
 But we are without an objective or seeking mind
Our being will desire love, trust, feeling of worth
The journey will seem endless, no joy, only curse
With nothing left now, we've nothing left inside
Our years are a lost vintage of the finest wine
Memory fades, we are restored with new birth
The cycle renews, begins again, a cycle divine
The vineyard's vines spring to life once again
The cycle is perfect, our journey remains
Every vintage has purpose, a taste so fine

Saturday, December 3, 2022

The Truth

Your is beauty outrageous, undeniable, incomparable, new
The spirit within you is glorious, invincible and wholly true
Don't wonder why you've moved me, just know that you do

The Future Path

I was only able to survive, by your love, by your grace
Gazing into the sky, wondering if or when you'll return
I call into the echoes, my voice lost in eternity's waves
Humans shiver, cold from birth, while the world burns
Both the children of hunger and the children of greed
We are trapped by desire, forced to fulfill our needs

Friday, December 2, 2022

As I watched it burn

Hunger unleashed, I would devour everything
My dreams surreal, but the death had no sting
Presented for full consumption, I was nothing
My flesh made as a buffet, lost in the mystery
There's nothing left inside, I'm torn in misery
My mind lost imagination, blinded to inquiry
My heart's sorrows were endless, deepening
Prayed for release, I was burning my history
And live or die, I refused to choose between
Madness and disaster, life chose madness


The first voice of love I heard, still echoes in a mind's eye
The photograph, black and white, wrinkled at the edges
I long to remember, without my heart breaking, and I try
Your presence in my heart will never pass, like a treasure
Does it matter if I stopped living, without you I've died
I miss your words, only voice of support of my endeavors
You are still alive in my mind, even in dreams, you're there
Ten years and counting, when will I ever breathe again
Pain of loss remains, but I don't speak of it or share
I know that you're the only one who'd care

Thursday, December 1, 2022

I recall being loved, once

To then taste her lips
After so long waiting
And to touch her heart
After the many delays
I've longed solely
For her touch
Spent my life adrift
Anticipating her love
Oh she is my only goal
Her love is my sole desire
This love for her
Leaves my heart afire
In the heat of bodies
Closing, then together
There's a feeling there
One of a glorious forever
And when we finally kiss
I'll be freed from this life
And all that it costs
Lost in her eyes
I am aware
There's no reason
To ever be afraid
As long as she'll remain
I'll never be scared again
I recall when she loved me
But I haven't yet even met her

“You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.” William Faulkner

Ms Parks

On this day Rosa Parks said No, I will not move
Her action triggered a series of acts of resistance
Which led to society being able to see, a great task
To stop the silence, to end the chosen ignorance
Towards those in a country based upon freedom
Former slaves 100 years later and not being free


While plummeting to earth, my body achieved exhilaration
In the speed of the fall and awareness of the coming impact
The crash into the surface of the planet left my flesh broken
Intoxicated by release, the euphoric realization of my fall
I reached final descent, without fear or any pain, only joy
For in descent I was allowed that my spirit would escape
Into the flow, at last I've entered, the eternal stream

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Damn Voice Inside My Head

I heard you the first time, I really did, but wouldn't do what you'd do
You're full of facts, ideas and opinions, all wrong but you don't know
I smile at, eat all your insults, waiting until you're done, yes it's true
There's almost nothing I wouldn't do to just be done, about to blow
But I have to wake up tomorrow, and look in the mirror, seeing you
Staring at me, the emptiness obvious, in an ignorant afterglow


My finger just tapped the button, made sure to delete
She whispered sweetly, we're not alone, so be discreet
I turned in a vapid horror, and I said, You make me sick
Don't you know, her face changed seven tones to hate
A hand struck me with a countenance of hatred, thick
She made sure to take from me, everything, to retaliate
And I meant to only leave her be, and for me to dream
Meaning for her to disappear into ethers, enter the hive
My flesh dying, without notice or mention, I'll survive
Because there's more than you might see with your eyes

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

While sitting in your chem tank, growing

With a manic energy, cruel beauty, comedic timing
Brilliant mind, acerbic wit, existing until your death
A world can't be forced to obey, as a clock chiming
You need to breathe, you are forced to draw breath
If an expectation, remember you're a sort of machine
An organic machine, designed to be able to dream
Life has costs, you'll move until all function is gone
You have cogs and gears, a mind made to think
What's left but be replaced as our time is done
But before you leave, try to perceive
Be more than just content
Life has joys and pains, a life to weave
There's more to do than to simply be
We are created to be more than present

She is Everything

In the pitched darkness, she is my hope, she is my light
Her soft voice whispers, I love you, you are my knight
Comforting me, giving rest, allows me to pass the test
The companion, who allows one to complete the quest
I was broken but now I'm chosen, at last ready to fight

Monday, November 28, 2022

Ravaged by a Hunger

I walked a continent in search of you, I couldn't find the truth
A life spent upon misery, solved every pointless mystery
Condemned and cursed, I saw myself lost upon planet earth
A being tossed by winds, and whims and capricious nature
What does it matter I'm gone, no one who lives, lives long
My flesh, like all other, decays, turns pale, lifeless, gray
Nothing to worry about, life is filled with belief, not doubt
I am ravaged by hunger, my mind is burning in the horror
That there's nothing inside, hollowed, emptied, I'm cyanide
I know the truth of my being, I've nothing to give to you
Of all facts and the truth, nothing more and nothing less

The Disciple

Long ago I was called to serve God's son
I bore the burden, witnessed for the Lord
I was never a saint, I just spread the word
My journey was not easy, but it had begun
I refused to be silent and ignored the scorn
I dusted off my sandals and went forward
And spread the message of the Holy One
Be strong comrades, bear his holy sword
Be aware of temptation and being lured
The journey is long, don't be overcome

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Don't Conform

We're told that our minds are weak, I ask are we really?
Consider that the ones with power want our conformity
Wanting their slaves to be weak, obedient and uncertain
Maybe they'll tell us a lie that they want us to believe
In order to get us to stop thinking or stop dreaming
They want our soul, I never accept what they offer free
They want our life lived, to be boring, not dramatic
Everyone in the world wants to have their sovereignty
If you refuse to question authority, you'll never have it


Screaming into the void I fall, existence no longer calls
An empty darkness persists as my will no longer resists
Nothing can endure forever, drawing breath in aethers

Saturday, November 26, 2022

The Grace and Art of Human Ascent

We endeavored with purpose, calmly creating our habitat
For some, they build, but only within the edges of nature
Others find they must create wonders that supersede limits
We're aware that our place in the universe requires ascent
How we achieve it, how we rise will reveal our excellence

“The character of the architectural forms and spaces which all people
habitually encounter are powerful agencies in determining the nature
of their thoughts, their emotions and their actions, however unconscious
of this they may be."                                                        Hugh Ferriss

The Heights

If the truth of all existence is decay and entropy
This world must try much harder to rise above
For if everything faces death, life is a moment
If we find the true path to ascend, life is forever
Destiny is now as we strive to reach the heights

Friday, November 25, 2022

Dancing in the abyss

In the smoking cities, made ruins by unending wars
Lost children of lost generations, now play together
The veil of death ripped open, of all bones and scars
Choosing how to dance, where lives entered forever
From the lost kingdoms all throughout antiquity
To the disasters of modernity, we've watched them
And in the ruins of our violent acts, we forever fail
Forgiveness our endless task, let hope prevail

Remembering The Dragon Wars

The legacy gift from our parents wasn't our lands, our wealth, or titles
Our children exist and thrive, we all endure due to our parents's efforts
To fight for a future, for our tribe, for we were allowed greater survival
We thank and welcome their memory, lift thanks to the sacred shadows
We will watch and wait for a return of dragonkind, alert to their arrival
But we will be ready, as it is our sacred duty, to remember the echoes
Of the suffering and courage, their desperate time, in this war free idyll

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Deny Fate

To be what others tell us, but we cannot, this is not justice
In the vagaries of the vulgarities of our pointless existence
Are moments of the symphony of excellence and of beauty
As we are architects or engineers, artists or poets of reality
Foundations built with hope upon stable bedrock of dreams
We create a legacy, deny all fate, and embrace our destiny
Our labors do not free us but they give our dreams form

“A real building is one on which the eye can light and stay lit.” Ezra Pound

Our Beckoning Destiny

Where in fields of our choosing, we build temples to reach the sky
Of our storied heights of ascendance, we'll no longer need ask why
The dreamscapes of the builders leave their mark upon the horizon
And the world is no longer quiet, where the schemes are enlivened
Who will we become, who stand on our stage, the drama is begun
Our destiny is alive, our struggles will end, obstacles overcome

“The fate of the architect is the strangest of all in this way. How
often he expends his whole soul, his whole heart and passion, to
produce buildings into which he himself may never enter.”

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

This Dragon War Ongoing

So many lives have been given for others to survive, farewells made, in war
A campaign ongoing, with the slaughter beyond the mind's ability to take in
Courage is not limited to the humans, nor violence and hate of dragonkind
Wars are never polite, nor will species extinction be an equals compromise
The dragons filled the skies, bringing our death with their thunder and fires
We have chosen to endure, to survive the onslaught, to save our children
Now our most holy lands are held from our eyes, defended by their kind
We must prevail, for our survival or extinction is not for others to decide
The dragonkind knows, if we give in, our human future cannot be found
We shall fight, there's no choice, for if we fail, there are no tomorrows

Between Humans and Dragon Hordes

Between life and death, choice is one rarely freely made
As when the younger kingdoms awoke and began to rise
The powerful dragon lands, led by an ancient great wyrm
Realized very soon the humans would become dangerous
Centuries of their dominance over unorganized villages
Kept the human tribes weak, and fearful, paying tribute
Their late discovery of the forging of sword grade steel
And led to humans fashioning it to weapons and armor
Dragon claws and teeth, each sharp and deadly violent
And the Dragonkind were now equaled by the humans
Humans were far more numerous but now, held no fear

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Called and Given his Sword

Few perceive the world as the expectant and royal
Not for being born well, nor for being fully loyal
The king offers ultimate honor, his kingship's destiny
The prince awaits a charge, his role no longer fantasy
A kingdom finds a sleeping peace, bound in majesty
To rule by noble blood, the king passed on his legacy
But the true test of kingship comes in the one thing
The king leads by serving others with his whole being

When Love Transforms

Taking steps into eternity's stream, we enter alive
As we then find our destiny, our inner self thrives
Being in love creates, lifts, unites, and awakens
Mystery of our species, the unknown transforms
The fragrant flower of being no longer forsaken
A dance of two to just one changes into one form
The flesh is moved, excited, but the soul ascends
Love moves all to be more in pure godsend

Monday, November 21, 2022

The Vigil

To keep a vigil, requires patience, attention, fidelity to duty
The gargoyles that watch over Paris are feared as monsters
But they are honorable, devoted to their task, as watchmen
If they fight, if forced to act to defend, they're lethal, deadly
Emptiness of time wearies them, as with any beings of flesh
They were cast from stone, given a purpose, and will serve
Their motive is wired within, calling upon them to be ready

Language Problems

Fat is thought by some measurement, so is ugly, or stupid
A user has the perspective of reference that isn't objective
Language inflation means whatever term used will change
As the group that is used against or uses perceives power
Ultimately language isn't fluid, however much some insist
Upon the day nothing has meaning is then our final hour

Sunday, November 20, 2022

the madness of somnolence

To live in a state of anxiety, never sleeping, never dreaming
My life is made impossible with a third of my life unfufilled
Scorn for my mental illness, darkness my companion in life
Unable to keep your secrets, enjoy the regrets, and weeping
I am born in the forge of life, and fashioned by my free will
Sorrow unending and grieving slays my hope, I can't survive
Let this relentless pain end and let the slumber forever begin
Haunted by a knowledge that lingers inside, burning within
I beg to see the dream lands, and never wake again

Not to Join his Brothers

I'd watched as my youngest child marched off to fight the Kaiser
His elder brothers preceded him, dying on day one of the Somme
I was numb staring as he went, tears falling, they went unnoticed
I'd lost my husband in an accident at the Rowhedge Ironworks
Aware my child might join his brothers, he headed into danger
I quickly entered a state of unliving, remaining until his return
I knew the sorrows awaiting and refused to move until I knew
Patriotism and glory are fine as ideas, but the reality is a curse
For when everything you love is gone, that is the only truth
I live in poverty, I have nothing, but I'd give everything
For my youngest to not join his brothers

The Battle of the Somme, July to November 1916

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Dancing with Damnation

Shall we dance with our approaching damnation
Can we endure this present immoral starvation
We live knowing our knowledge is incomplete
Our logical or emotional perspectives wanting
No chance to enhance our minds or information
Humanity struggles to know our early origins
If all wisdom is earned, will we ever learn
All of our lost chances are still haunting
Can we build the greatest civilization
As we build with flawed foundations?
Or, in the cosmos are we forever lost
Cast into the abyss, we are burning

In the Dream and Forever Realms

Hear a soft voice, as it echoes into our mind, gently sleep
One of the many realms alive, the spirit and beauty serene
We hear the sounds in the stream, the wind, in our dreams
Alive in energy everlasting, each new day reborn in dawn
The dream realms exist, part of every state of being, awe
Forever realms are more powerful and have golden walls
Every moment they call to me and draw me in, to come
The forever realms endure for a reason, they are perfect
We'll meet in that place and our souls will become one

"I was made and meant to look for you and wait for
you and become yours forever.” Robert Browning

Friday, November 18, 2022


What can we do, once the end is here, but stare blank into the void
The pain of existence is ongoing, as the sorrow continues unabated
If there's hope, its nowhere near, I wonder why I'm to be destroyed
The end is enough, ambivalence and empty choices, all castrating

You can Rise

We fight inside, a war of perfection, trying to refuse our birth limitations
Every time we fall short of our desires, we never seem to know our way
We've learned over life, no one is able to be perfect, whatever our desires
We ask any power above to give us the ability to find glory in our name
Ascend beyond the limits, fly when you have wings, it is time to be more
Than everything you've been given, escape the chains of every shame

Thursday, November 17, 2022

The Damage is Done

The hands of time ticking away, sands sift through our hands, grieve
The world seems to be dying, damage we've done everlasting, betrayed
As flesh decays, in fading shades of gray, fear is our lone companion
Nightmares of a life poorly lived, dreams are a revelation of the truth
Walls erected to keep foreigners out, a bio-dome built to keep us safe
The planet toxic, pollutants made it dangerous, and we can't breathe
What should have been entirely natural, we've corrupted and cursed
Water has been growing rare, oxygen is dirty, and food is scarce
The world will survive our presence, but we will not