I am a poet who has both been published and self published. All work on this blog is all copyright Alex Ness. While I make very little money from my work I am technically a professional. Measuring by the hours I've written I am professional. My goal is to share my work with as many people that can read it, as far as the internet may reach with it. I hope if you are moved you will share this blog with others, and perhaps buy my books.

Whatever the result, thank you for viewing this blog. I cannot express how greatly I appreciate the many people, from many places upon the earth, who have visited.

I bid you peace.

Je ne regrette pas la douleur, car il m'a fait plus forte

Published Works

Numerous editions of my work can be found at THE SOURCE COMICS AND GAMES.   They've supported me throughout this creative journey.

Most of my earlier works are going out of print, you can find some on ebay, amazon and some smaller sellers, such as the Source.

(Images are shrunk to give an idea of the work but click on them to see a larger version)


I was fortunate to be invited by Viper Comics and to write a short story for them.   It was illustrated by Paul Harmon, a friend, is a small piece that attempts to explain why we see Sasquatch/ Yeti/ or otherwise in the woods when we look.

(Out of print)

My brother had a heart attack in 2005, and I came to a number of epiphanies watching him laying in his bed...  One was that I'd have to write my poetry for others if I ever wanted to achieve the goals I had set for my life.   Many artists, Giadrosich, Grell, Sheikman, Harmon, Bergting, Koslowski, Caputo, Westbrook helped bring my work to life.   I consider this my first book, even though Sasquatch came first.   I have my name on the cover, of course.  The poems are diverse, love, fantasy, war, sorrow, joy...

(Out of print)

Many of these poems were written for a series that was to be illustrated by an artist, that, for one reason or another, did not happen.   Along with those poems I'd written a number of a similar tone and in epic form.   The work is aimed at fantastic and historic events, and aimed at telling fantasy poems, to entertain.

(Out of print)

A poet from France, G.F. "Geoff" Evrard made friends with me on Myspace, and immediately we became close.   We shared interests, talents, and hopes.   He told me that we had to work together.   We went through a variety of interests and options and they all didn't work, for a variety of reasons.   And then I realized we both loved King Arthur and the Arthurian legends.   Arthur's greatest knight was Sir Lancelot du Lac.   His name, and his legend comes from France, and likely Brittany.   Which, incidentally, matches G.F. Evrard's origins.   So we decided to write in English, French, and some of the poems ended up translated in Breton Welsh as well.   As a work it is beautifully illustrated, it is both an echo of Tennyson's Idylls and Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur  and the wild steel and dark magic fantasy works of R.E. Howard.  (Color version and Regular edition shown)

(Out of print)

If you find AFTER HOURS MYSTERIOUS VISIONS #3 read it knowing that the publisher is different than the creative talent, and different than the even the editorial staff.   I'd been invited by Tomm Gabbard a talented inker and writing hopeful, and who wanted to create a worthwhile series of anthologies... unfortunately with the wrong publisher.   The book was part of a series that was a miracle that any issues came out, and few if any came out on time.  My story that appears, was one of six I was asked to write, and turned out well.  Friend Josh Brown wrote a couple stories in there as well.  And they are worthy of your interest.  Despite the issues with the issues.

I felt that after A LIFE OF RAVENS I'd need to write a sequel.   And the works in A LIFE OF RAVENS that seemed to resonate were the high fantasy epic tales.   But, while my work was completed in February 2008 shortly after my appendix burst and I had to take two weeks off from working.   This work is about epic events of history and legends and myths of four different cultures, the Viking era and the Northmen, the Greeks, the Egyptians, and the Celts.  Along with artist Trent Westbrook, this work came out from Rogue Blades Publishing.   If there is a better editor and publisher than Jason M. Waltz, I don't have a clue which one.   This work is illustrated throughout.  I consider it a beautiful work.

SAVAGE PAST:  Lift High the Raven Banner

Artist Daniel Mann and I met at MegaCon August in 2009.  I'd learned that a publisher and artist had fallen through on multiple projects, for various reasons, and I was basically back to the starting line on them.   When Daniel and I talked we found a lot of common ground, and we decided to do a series called the Savage Past.   The first book of this series is LIFT HIGH THE RAVEN BANNER.   Vikings, Irish monks, epic poetry, epic drawings and paintings, and more to follow.   It  is available now, November 2010.


This book is a collection of short stories and poetry by Josh Brown, Marc Kleinhenz and myself.   It covers the topic of Assassins and people in power and influence throughout history and fantasy.   It was fun and I encourage everyone to give it a shot.   Published January 2011.


This book is the sequel to LANCELOT but whereas that was a many party book this one had just two writers and one artist, Josh Brown both wrote a short story and formatted the work, and Trent Westbrook did many fine illustrations for the piece.   I am indebted to both of them.  Published April 2011.


A series  of events occurred leading me to write a series of poems, from the  personae of the killer Jack the Ripper.   His acts were and remain vile,  by any measure, and were more so in the past due to spectacular events  media attention, the relatively new kind of crime spree, and, the  letters used by the killer, possibly, and a vast number of hoaxers, to  flame the intensity of the emotions regarding the events.  Never before   had the media played such a role in a series of murders, and, since the  time of the murders, all crimes of a sensational nature can point to  this one as their influential source.  So I wrote from the perspective of a participant, and provided a long essay, along with Joseph Hilliard and Nichole Porter, and there is a special cover from friend Daniel Mann.   Others participants include Kurt Wilcken and Robert Wilson.     The  writing on it is intensely dark, and I would say that the accompanying  images from Public Domain sources makes the work a very stunning one.


This collection of stories came about as a result of brainstorming, collective ideas, and some pretty damn hard work by the editor Josh Brown.  Michael May, my oft co-writer and I had a concept, we had some works that came in as a result of our creation of the series bible, but, it was Josh who sewed the pieces together of this tapestry.   I am proud of my short story, as it was hard to complete but, when finished and after Josh's helpful edits, it is a story I am rather proud of.   As a book by many this is a creation I am proud of, and am happy to say, it is done.  Thanks to Josh, and everyone aboard.


In 2005 a very close friend and I had developed an idea for a war game.  The concept was one where the Nazis had not died, but rather prepared for an escape, and did so.  Then when ready, attacked the world.   The game designer/artist friend died of Lung Cancer in 2009, but my story was written.   Eventually I shared it with Jason Moser, a very fine artist, and this project is the result.   Perhaps some day the war game can still happen.


This book was originally written for a certain artist from a concept I had that I thought he'd be perfect for illustrating.   But since writing it, its been with various artists and now, it is probably being self published.  As such, the work is a shared beast with lots of people doing the work and I  have no idea when it will be for sure published, other than soon.   The concept is a world where wars have left few living, and Dwarves living in the lonely mountain ridge are beset in final combat by hordes of evil beings... It is bloody and it is epic.  The cover is by Jason Moser, the interior art is by Trent Westbrook, additional story telling is by Josh Brown, and Dara Syrkin kicked my ass with the edits, thank you.


It is a long story, not unlike the stories told before the fire, recalling eras of great battle and discovery of new lands.   A while back, a long while back I encountered a fine poet who came from Sweden and I'd begun writing poems about vikings almost concurrently to meeting him.   Thom Olausson and I began a journey each writing poems about the same subject and fed off the other's energy.   The resulting poems on both of our parts were good, but after tangled publishing ties, and a publisher basically going out of business, we decided to go into the market each with each of our own works, in our respective countries and languages.   His work is great, and I wish him more than great success, I love Thom, he is a genuinely kind person.

I was fortunate first to have worked with Ed Quinby, an artist on a couple as yet unseen projects, and he loved Viking warriors.  So when I offered the project to be enhanced by his hand, he did a buttload of illustrations, and we've decided to do some things ourselves, since the market is pretty flat for new works from lesser known talents.   So in the next couple months look for The Ravens of Odin, sister book to Odin's Ravens by Thom Olausson (will update when his work is published.)

WARBIRDS OF MARS: Stories of the Fight anthology

I was invited to take part in this illustrated prose anthology utilizing prose to expand the world of webcomic ongoing series.   Since I tend to not work from the same page as others, both for good and ill, I tried to think about how to tell stories that fit, without stepping on ground that had been stepped on before.   The result are two small stories that were fit into this anthology.   Thanks to Scott Vaughn and Kane Gilmour for the invitation.

Available at the end of May 2013.


Written mostly during my mother's hospice stay, and finished right before her passing, this book is my words about a semi fictionalized version of my life, illustrated in paintings by Simon Huelbeck, and with an end gallery of pen and ink illustrations by Mark Orluck.   It is a work meant to be beautiful, and it is marred only by 4 typos that happened despite my paying four people to proof it.  I knew I couldn't self edit, coming from the emotional content of the work, and the emotional place of my life.   So please forgive those, but read the work, and understand, it is me, poured upon a page.  Mark and Simon were wonderful partners to work with, and if I do ever work with people again collaboratively, I'd love to work with partners so kind and so talented.


In comic, prose, and poetry, the wars of the Celts and Romans are remembered.   Art by Ed Quinby, words by me.


I've returned to King Arthur poems, and also the rest of the mythos, and legends, and tell of the love stories and the legend of the Holy Grail, illustrated within by NC Wyeth and Howard Pyle, and the cover was done by my good friend Jason Moser.  Formatted and edited by good friend Josh Brown.


I was asked if works I had written and others had illustrated could be submitted to this collection.  And I was happy to see this book appear under the hand of friend JM Hunter.

I will probably not be carrying the book around, it has 400 + pages, but I am proud to be in it.


I wrote a number of poems within the world and with the subject of Cthulhu and the Cthulhu Mythos that was created and fostered in others by H.P. Lovecraft.  They went over well with the readers of them, so I expanded the project to be a collection of journal entries and verse, some prose... and illustrated the work using paintings by Caspar David Friedrich.   The end result helped with assistance from Evette Langford and Johnny Hunter ended up quite nice.


The book Union of the Crowns, illustrated by Ed Quinby and written by me, came about after an artist who had promised much delivered nothing.  Ed rushed in, gave me an inspired idea to write from, and added points along the way.  As a result, this is a work that exists because of his professionalism and loyalty, and I appreciate it.  The story is one of love and battle, and how people thrust into a situation respond differently.  This is high fantasy, including Elves, Giants, and Humans.




A Life of Ravens


Mysterious Visions After Hours #3 Out of Print



Amongst the Ruins


Mythic Memories

Savage Past: Lift High the Raven Banner (Available in person or through mail only)


Arthur Rex Eternus

Eye of the Dagger


Hunt The Winterlands

Autumn Painted Red

Fourth Reich


The Ravens of Odin

Empire of Stone

Sacred Ground

Warbirds Of Mars

Winter Kill

The Quest of Arthur


Bam Too!