Friday, December 30, 2016

I am unafraid

Ever since I was a child
I knew that I'd die for you
Whatever my tribe
If I was a leader
Or exiled
A day would come
After all others
Ripe for the harvest
I knew some day
I'd die for you
Some way
You called out
To the thing in my soul
That remains wild
I hear its voice
Inside my mind
I have no control
I knew from the point
Of knowing your name
This life's journey
Was not the task
But a destination
To escape the grasp
Of oblivion
I kept my heart pure
And refused to be defiled
Over and over I heard the voice
I answered the call
I know I will die for you
When the red skies
Finally fall
I intimately know this
As if the knowledge
Was learned upon my demise
I am ready
Wearing no disguise
No masquerade
I fall
With a certainty
And readiness
Sacred life
The only kind
Apt for sacrifice