Sunday, December 25, 2016

Darkness is alluring

I could give up
See it dark
Spiral down
Imagine it all
Hope is gone
Drowning in
The memories
Hurt won't let me be
My brain has injuries
That cannot heal
Others do not have

But I can't do that
Life doesn't allow it
I don't have the time
Seconds pass
And never return
My fears burn inside
And they last
But I can't stop
The world needs me
My words
If there is more
Than this existence
Than a single path
From birth to death
And nothing thereafter

Giving up is wrong
And I can't quit
I have a son
And loved ones
This quest begun
Is a long journey
A winding path
I am not going into
The mists afraid
I am going into the mists
With nothing left inside
Nothing left
That I could have used
But gave back
It is a difficult task
And I was asked
To do more than my share
But I said yes
And paid the cost
I am broken in my mind
But I am whole
In my soul
For victory