Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Riverman Charon

To some it is a forbidden dream
The end
But it needs to be dreamt
Or the passage won't happen
Some are surprised
Some are not ready
While others carry in their robes
Or purse

The toll cost in coin
It is not much
Because should you die
You must be prepared
And have coins for your eyes
Being covered
As payment
For the boat ride
Charon will guide you
Across the rivers
Of the realms
Of Hades
Some fear the passage
Some refuse to accept
That the end will happen
It surely does to all
Regardless of wealth
Of hope, Of status
In the living existence
Charon carries them
Smoothly over the waters
To their next station
To the realms
Where they will wait
Until judgment
And next destination
Wherever that may be