Tuesday, December 30, 2014

You fill my lungs with the air I breathe

From the beginning
I knew you must exist
With every sense I have, I felt you
I felt you breathe the air into my lungs
With a simple kiss
I spent most of my life
Waiting for you to appear
Like letters in the sky, or twinkling stars
Anything to announce that you were here
For me
The mystery of it all was, I trusted, I believed
I expected miracles
And maybe they happened and I missed them
But I was alone
So I rearranged my faith
From knowing that you would
To hoping you could
Just in case
You might decide
I was worth loving
One so great as you
Down to one as low as me
I knew you were there
Somehow, I felt you
In the water I drank
To the air I breathed
Upon the ground I walked
There you were, waiting to talk
But you never spoke aloud
Only to my heart
And I worried
Maybe I missed my chance
You were here and
Chose to remain silent
Instead of speaking to me
Let me know
I beg to be
But I still believe