Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Darkness Harvest of our Hearts,

Plague of sorrows
Harvest me
In a field of misery
Grieving the passing
Of the youth
From the land
Elders crawl and beg
And no one is willing
And no one knows why
We stare into the sun
Growing more blind
By the hour
The harvest begun
The draining
Of love
Conquest of our hearts
The darkness
Shall never
I pray this is a dreaming
But I am not sleeping
It is a nightmare
But I am awake
So let this be
Let my end
Be now
I am ready to take
The final curtain bow
For the waiting
The lack of passion
For the end
Many are dead
Despite being labeled
Still alive
I am ready
I am willing
Take me
My arms are spread
Open wide