Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ice Storms and Dragon Breath

In the frozen north land
With ice covered castle walls
And great fields of snow
Dragons fly above unchallenged
Mostly ignoring the humans below
The people shrug in fear
But have no way to respond
Shivering in masses
Without control
Their tiny lives move on
Entering into the communal flow
Once a generation it seems
A champion with courage stands up
Chooses to confront the dragons
And free the land from the cruel hold
The dragons breath ice without effort
The knight and party often fail
For the end goal is worthy but impossible
Much like trying to stop the wind from blowing
The realm of the dragons is haunted
By statues of ice of previous men
Who tried and failed to defeat the dragon lords
And are now frozen to floor of the den
Castle walls are a comfort
But do nothing to stave off the fear
Of living in the clutch of evil
For what has been a millennium
Of horror filled frozen years