Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ending the Day with Fire and Words

Deep into the enemy’s land
A party of scouts
Dispatched by the empire
In a clearing
Discuss the day around a bonfire
Sharply speaking about the way
The battle would unfold
Against the barbarian clans
The bonfire is comfort
The setting safe and secure
But the way of the warrior is flame
Once it raged now it licks at the edge
A staff is pulled back
The fire leaves blackened wood
From poking the fire the coals are still hot
The ash flutters upwards
The embers still burn
Despite the desire to extinguish it
Like an argument unsolved
Despite the lack of fuel
It still simmers
The warmth the fire provides, like the excitement
Of an intellectual debate and challenge
It is welcome
The danger of spreading, like the pain of insults
When reason is exhausted and intellect forgotten
It is feared
The fire goes on, simmers still
But in the warmth and flickering light
Deep into the night the party talks
About the future wars they’d fight
The battles they’d win
As one