Friday, December 10, 2010

Undone and Done

Thorn in my side
That never leaves
I’m made aware
All the dreams have died
Never been so clear
You know I never recovered
From the day you said
I don’t love you
Like abandonment by a mother
Like war between brothers
The horror of the truth
Left me cold
It would have helped me to know
Much earlier
For I was your lover
And I adored you so
And you drank it in
And cast me aside
When I was dry
From where you poured me out
Upon the ground
The weight of your betrayal
Bleeds me to this day
Forever I’ve been lost
Since you left
Never to be found
Thorn that rips
Claws that twist
Dagger that turns
My bleeding never ebbs
The misery never ends
The pain still burns
Because I love forever
I still
And I am undone
And done