Sunday, December 12, 2010

Leaf in a Gale Windstorm

As easily as she entered my life
She was gone
She moved me by her beauty
Moved me by her sorrow
Said I was the only one she loved
And then she was done
Her eyes were deep and endless
I was helpless in her sway
I never knew what happened
She was here, and gone the next day
She moved on to another love
So quickly
She taught me that I was worth loving
She allowed me a sense of worth
Where she went I cannot say
She made me better
Then she made me worse
I don’t know how to feel
Sad for the moment lost
Or grateful for the time spent
She was both blessing and curse
She made all my hidden things be revealed
She made all my miseries be concealed
When she was with me I believed
I miss her but I am letting her go
She won’t be back
That much I know
But she is a whim
A leaf in a gale windstorm
She is the chance
Taking it might do you harm
But she is worth it
Was worth it
She is gone