Saturday, December 4, 2010

Her touch

I see you walking
And close my eyes
I recognize your perfume
Your scent lingers in my being
With that you weave a fabric
Of love in me
And with your scent
I taste your soul again
I feel the echoes
Of my heart being free
And then
Your eyes see through me
No need for trust then
I can’t bear the moment
Too intense
I might ruin it
You take off your gloves
And reach for me
You touch my hand
Like a lover does
It feels so electric
Yet kind
You touch my soul
Your skin to mine
It isn’t erotic
But the love begins
To bind us
Soft beauty of a moment
Does love justice
The song playing
Becomes the song
That appeals to me
To right the wrongs
Of a day that went awry
Oh it doesn’t matter
Which song plays
I hear it and go back to the day
When you touched my hand
I long to be touched
By you once again
For when you do
I am aware
Of one million reasons
To be alive
I run my fingers
Through your hair
Count my blessings
Which I am aware
To be next to you