Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Before there were books
Before there was awareness
The world was beset
By floods
From Gilgamesh
To modern Bangladesh
We remain bereft
And vulnerable

Great Ra feared so
Goddess Hathor
His eye was sent
She killed
And so many
Blood, flowing
into the Nile River
Into the ocean
The first deluge destroyed
And left only few
But Ra no longer feared
So instead renewed the world

A small unimportant man
Who was reverent
Heard a god whispering
Utnapishtim built a boat
Gathered family
Some others and beasts
A terrible storm raged
Utnapishtim and wives
Become immortal
For being so obedient
And the Gods renewed the earth

Noah heard God speak
Both in the form of Angels
And visitations
Built an Ark
Gathered family
And beasts
For the world had to die
Due to human depravity
And God’s sorrow
For the world was broken
And to renew it
First it must be destroyed
The rains poured
And when the world awoke
God allowed the Ark to settle
Where people would thrive

9 years Gun tried
For nine years he attempted to dam
The destructive waters
That covered the land
Because he failed,
He brought dishonor
And the gods executed him
Gun's son, Yu
Took upon himself
The mantle of water lord
And he drained the floodwaters
Away through channels
And mechanisms
But also a winged dragon
Who showed him
Where to dig, where to stop the water
And for his glory
He was given honor
And given trust
And became emperor

Manu washed himself with water
Using a jar, that held a fish
Who asked the God Manu
To protect him
From the disaster approaching
From the coming flood
And so Manu did
When it had grown to enormous size
Manu released the fish
And the fish gave wisdom
And information to Manu
Who built a ship
And survived the flood
To then create the race
Of Man

We walk about
We work and function
But our footprints
Are a stain
Upon the world
We breath polluted air
That we poisoned
We drink water
That we have fouled
Everything we do
Has cost
And the flood approaching
Will see no survivors
For we are lost
And live upon the ship
That is meant
To save us