Saturday, December 11, 2010

Beautiful Swan

Gentle and graceful
The maiden walked
Her beauty moved me
Her spirit talked
Without words
And like a hunter
With prey
I stalked
I believed her to be
A princess
In the mystic woods
I dare not approach
Not even as she stumbled
Going up the hill
And spilled her form
Across the ground
Even in that
So pristine
I watched
For my hope
My being
Lived to know her
And I was dirty
A man of arms
Never of words
A man of honor
A man of duty
Someone who was
Darkened of soul
However moral
For I knew
The tolls of battle
And it clouds
The joy of one
She ran then
But not out of fear
For she giggled
And carefree
Moved through
The woods
And then
And beckoned me
To come to her
I took off my helm
And looked upon her
She smiled
Laughed even
And changed
Before my eyes
Into a beautiful
And flew away
And I cried
For she was gone
Alone I am
I am undone