Friday, November 26, 2010

Winter Castle, Black Knight

Far from the gentle babble
Of people living
A normal existence
There is a castle
Upon an icy steppe
Where nomads refuse to travel
For they fear the sounds
That haunt the unholy grounds
The snow bound castle stares out
Upon the land so quiet
All mankind’s dreams
Will unravel
For brooding behind its walls
Is a dark lord
While silent he is not at peace
In battle he wields a black lance
Filled with toxic venoms
He wears armor
Twisted and spiked and horned
With eyes that are red
And skin pitch black
Walking with a staff
He flourishes and twirls
From his silence is born
A plan

He is planning his vengeance
Upon the world
For no reason known
But his vengeance will not wait
His anger will not subside
And when he has chosen the place
When he has decided the time
His army of death
Will break loose from the walls
And ride
Down upon the human lands
Where no one is prepared
For the violence, plague and misery
That lay at the dark lord’s hands
The hell hound packs running
With fire as their very breath
The hate born Nightmares
Who race to bring horrible death
The animated corpses that walk
The dark lord commands their flesh
All these serve at his side
Ready to kill for no other purpose
Than to bring the pain and misery
The dark lord’s legacy
To the human tribes

The drums of war
Echo in the valleys
But are misunderstood
By many who hear
Some think as long
As the drums beat
They are far away
Not someplace near
But they beat constantly
And emotions of fear are stoked
The human tribes hope
They have time
To become ready
But time is not an ally
It is just moments before
The onslaught of those
Long prepared
Steady and trained
Hateful and angry
Evil and hungry
For death

(Original art work for the Black Knight was from artist Brom, but I changed it. This is not my original work, and the copyright for his work is his. I am using this to illustrate a story, for which I not recompensed, and intend no enfringement).