Monday, November 1, 2010

Tears for the Fallen

Neither mythic or Godlike
Nor legendary heroes
But they are nonetheless
Tears for the fallen
Baptize the flag
Caskets wooden
Carry the body bags
Notes inside
To the families
Left behind
Please my love
My children
Remember me
Despite the war
And the enemy
We resist
We will be free
Because we bear
The scars for others
There will be a new day
A day of peace
Our sacrifice is not in vain
This world will see the day
Without the wars
That haunt us now
There is now and
There will be eternity
The world will turn
Spin upon its axis
Regardless of whether we exist
Held aloft upon the back of Atlas
We are amidst it all
For we are warriors
Long ago answered the call
Whether we long to live
Or cannot wait to die
Freedom will be
The air to breathe
Hope gives us strength
All alone perhaps
Yet we persist