Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Ten weeks of travel
To and from our home
The winds were deadly calm
Making us have to row
In late autumn seas
The trip to distant isles done
Pillaged lands forgotten
All battles fought and won
Raiding days turn to night
Time to rest
Recovering and repairing
Ready to begin raiding
In the Summer’s midnight sun
We will sleep this winter
Dreaming only of Asgard
And Valhalla
We are the children
Of the One Eyed God
We are the kin of Odin
Who never stops seeing
We are his own
And we will rise again
For we are his beings
Chosen to live
Ready to die
And by his whim
The Norn fate is dealt
And we make ready
Under the midnight sun
Slaying the Gaels
And the Britons
The Saxons
And the Celts
The One Eyed God
Looks upon us
His children
Odin kin
And smiles