Sunday, September 19, 2010

Children of the Mountain

Poured from molten iron
From a sacred well and font
We are made by the hand of the Forge God
We are children of the mountain
And were given the hardest lot
For this we were made of steel
Harvested from the earth
Souls tied with the tightest knots
Flesh born from earthen clay
Fired by the forge and molded
By the one who makes
With his holy hands
We are the axe those hands hold
Made by the hand of a God
We make battle with courage
Live and die so bold
Our flesh may die in wars
But our spirit is made of metal
And we cannot break
We are holy vessels
Our bodies may be crushed
But it is our destiny
To be the hammer
Of the Forge God
With a heavenly guarantee
We are his hands
We are the hammer he holds
We are the children of the mountain
We live where the winds are cold
And now we enter battle
With rage upon our tongues
We will not surrender
We will stand and not be trampled
We are the children of the mountain
We live and die in this place
It is our destiny to be here
Holding on by only skin
Forever and here
Our fate we embrace
Should we die and our bodies grow thin
And bones blow as dust
Live or die we have purpose
Battle is upon us
We shall win