Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Arthur, King and War King

(Again, this is from my upcoming sequel to Lancelot)

In wedges the Saxons huddled their footmen
They used spears and axes, but kept few bows
And used no horsemen
As they were great warriors is well known
But Arthur could see the holes in their lines
He could see the broken lines in his mind
From where his knights could ride
As the Riothamus, the war king
He could see these things
He could see what was needed
What had to be done
Unlike those before him
And while his soul was gentle
And his being generous and loving
In war he had vision
To see what has hidden
To see what was needed
To feel the moment, to thrive
To know what needed knowing
To keep the fires of the Britons burning
To keep the hopes of the Britons alive