Friday, May 28, 2010

my heart will still say I love you

there is nothing left in my heart
from where you began
nothing worth having at all
I wish that you didn’t even start
you know what you did
knowing it was the end
For me that last drink with you
was like drinking poison
because I’d rather have died
than to ever see you cry
breathing you out and in
was all I wanted to do
to be with you
but you didn’t last
couldn't see past the dreams I had
that we’d be together
never stopped loving you
its true
and if you need proof
that I was true to you
even in the end
look at that heart in your hands
it was mine
it might even shed a few beats
now and again
with a sigh
it will say
I love you
in every beat,
every breath I take
because I do
still I do