Monday, March 15, 2010

Town of Sorrow

Our ship entered the port in early Spring
There was no movement to be seen
In the entire town
We moved forward and docked
The snow was lightly coming down
But for dogs barking there was no sound
It wasn’t so cold like Winter, but chilling
The winds blew softly but constantly
And still not a soul was moving
The town was almost serene
We made our way through the town
Shields and spears ready
For anything coming our way
But there were no fires in the hearth
No foot steps upon the snow
The town was ghostly
Almost as if we were the first
To step foot there,
Breaking unbroken ground
And then we found the church
Filled we imagined with gold
From altar pieces to ink on books
We broke open the doors and saw
What our eyes would never want to see
A village worth of people
Dead from starvation and plague
Piled upon each other
From pew to steeple