Thursday, September 24, 2009

Doorway of Years

Anorexic of love
Purging of regret
Engender the suffering
And wait for the results
You could die of hunger
In this feast of the dead
Waiting to be rescued
Being lost instead
Tolerate the fools
And doom they will seek
And we will be covered
In crimson red so fresh
The dead will not speak
But their pathways of will
We will see their rush
Into the factories
Of flesh
Where humanity rots
Spirals downward
Crushing the souls
Of their last breath
Filled with regret
Faces covered in tears
Their bodies beneath the tide
Of fetid beings
Without spark
Arm and arm enmeshed
We dance into oblivion
And when the end comes
We will enter obsidian
With no voice
But for our own fears
And that we step into the darkness
The doorway of the years