Monday, December 29, 2008


I was a knight, of the high King of France, for a decade
I left my land in 1188, to serve during the Third Crusades
Amongst our tasks were now to wrest Jerusalem back
From Saladin, the Saracen king, the one righteous man
Amongst the pagan tribes of the Islamic lands
At the Horns of Hattin the flower of Crusader’s defense was slain
And I was amongst those sent, we were the next wave
To enter into that land, the East, of the exotic Mohammedan
And my ship was attacked, by Turks or Saracens,
Armor, chainmail is sturdy and stout in defensive fight
But being thrown overboard, I sank to the Aegean floor
Mykonos, the beautiful island paradise was my last sight
My sword settled in the mud, and I pulled my self to the shore
Nude as Lord God Jehovah made me, I turned to the brush for cover
And since that day I have made my life peaceful,
And worship God for saving my life, by giving me another
Wheat and fish are found here, and I am content and full
Somewhere the water dwelling nymphs may find my helm,
The devil fish may find my chainmail and shield,
And my sword may decorate a dark and beautiful sea floor realm
But I am alive, saved for this life, and to Jehovah’s call I will yield
They may display my arms and armor upon a central island for mocking,
Yet I am the one laughing, for I am still walking.