Thursday, December 25, 2008


When the end comes, time will no longer be so sweet
We will linger in anguish until the echoes of when our soul flies
The end will be done, with no equivocation or denial
The ravens will cry, the world will burn, good men will die
The whore of Babylon wearing jewels will ride
Upon a beast in leathery hide
Our days will be done upon this blue globe of beauty
No longer will it harvest, no longer will it stand
All of our black histories, our inane legacies remain
We will have left it, a smoking burning hole
And only we will pay for our acts
Yes the end will come, in a powerful wave of pain
Yes the end will come, and despite our desire none will maintain
All hail Armageddon, All hail Oblivion
Our days and lives before us are numbered
All hail Armageddon, All hail the Apocalypse
Our days upon earth have been counted.