Thursday, September 4, 2008

Made of Flesh and Death

Sometimes I just want to live and face the crashing waves and tides
Sometimes I just wish to die, dive in, be sucked into the currents of time
Whatever I do is wrong, it makes no difference, it makes no sense
Whatever I say is criticized, called incompetent, under the microscope lens
My dreams are made irrelevant from my flaws
My fears overwhelm me no matter the cause
Sometimes I wish I could forget, hope is dismembered
Sometimes it hurts to remember, looking at nothing in the mirror- just regret
This life is worth living, I just cannot pay the cost
This life is worth having, but I cannot win for having lost.
I am a good son, all I do is pray, I am a good boy, I pray every day
I am a failure, all I do is prey, I am an idiot, will someday fall from grace.