Thursday, August 7, 2008

You Should Know

Dropping from the roof of my mouth
Falling out of my lips
The words revealed so much
But they were like the iceberg's tip
Across the meadow I see you
I run to your embrace
It heals me to be with you
The look on my face says
I’d never lie to you, never leave you in pain
I’d never cheat you, never hurt you
I’d never leave you in the rain
But whatever I think it doesn’t matter
You read into my words what is not there
You always take control
You cannot escape your fears
That I would ever leave you
That I’d ever let you down
That I’d ever not be there for you
That someday I’d be gone
But I love you, I never didn’t
Without your love I’d drown
Without you I’d never see daylight
With you it is always dawn
Don’t leave me without knowing
That all you are to me is all
Let me show you I need you
Let me sing the lovers call
Let me pour out my heart
Let me show you all